Welcome to the 23rd Nordic Church Music Symposium in Copenhagen

19 – 22 September 2024

NKS2024 will be a professional conference for the Nordic church musicians, with a wide range of seminars, concerts and church services – a meeting place and a source of inspiration for everyone involved in church music as a theologian, organist, cantor or pedagogue.




Registration for NKS2024 is open

The symposium's official opening concert will take place in the Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music, Thursday 19 September 2024 at 18.

But as early as Wednesday evening, there will be a rich selection of concerts in the city, and Thursday can be spent going on an excursion, either by bus or as a city walk - and experience famous organs, magnificent churches and castles, and walk in the footsteps of great personalities. READ MORE HERE


You can now choose which ones seminars you want to participate in and whether you have to go along Nachspiel in Nikolaj Kunsthal? Read more about the individual seminars below, and register in the registration portal


Read more about the artists at NKS2024

Ars Nova

ARS NOVA Copenhagen is a Danish-based, international vocal ensemble of 12 members that specializes in Renaissance polyphonic choral music and new...

Trinity Office

The chamber choir Trinitatis Kantori is an independent concert choir with a permanent connection to Christian IV's old baroque church, Trinitatis Kirke. The office...

Sietze de Vries

Sietze de Vries is internationally active both as a concert organist and church musician. His organ teachers included, among others, Wim van Beek...

Hanne Kuhlmann

Hanne Kuhlmann was born in 1967 and studied at the Jutland Conservatory of Music in Aarhus with organist Anders Riber and at the Kgl. Danish...

Copenhagen Boys' Choir - Carsten Seyer-Hansen

The Copenhagen Boys' Choir - The Royal Kantori has existed for almost 100 years (founded in 1924). The choir is affiliated with Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, which is...

Christiania Men's Choir – Marius Skjølaas

Christiania Mannskor consists of professional singers and is led by conductor Marius Skjølaas, who also started the choir in 2009. Christiania Mannskor...

Petrisångare – Karin Oldgren

Petri Sångare is a chamber choir with domicile in Malmö St Petri church. The choir has a broad repertoire, with a focus on contemporary Western art music. Peter...

Kór Langholtskirkju – Magnús Ragnarsson

The choir was founded in 1953 and has been operating in its current form since 2008, mostly under the direction of Jón Stefánsson (from 1964-2015). Choir...

Irina Vavilova

Irina Vavilova (born 1992, St. Petersburg, Russia) started her music studies at the age of 6 in Pushkin, majoring in piano and accordion. She...

Hannah Marie Carding

Hannah Marie Carding has her education from Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt, where she studied classical singing and singing pedagogy, and Norges Musikkhøgskole,...

Cantio Laudis – Johtaa Olli Heikkilä

Cantio Laudis (Latin: song of thanks) is a mixed choir from Karjasilla parish in Oulu, which was founded in 2006. Choir conductor Olli Heikkilä has been the...

Guðný Einarsdóttir

Guðný Einarsdóttir was born in 1978 and studied in Iceland with Marteinn H. Friðriksson, former organist at the cathedral in Reykjavik, at the Royal...

Anders Börjesson

Anders Samuel Börjesson (b. 1975 in Sweden) was educated in Oskarshamn, Gothenburg and Paris. From 1996 he studied at Gothenburg University and took...

The program of the symposium

Get an overview of the symposium's provisional programme, and read more under the individual program items.



At 19-22 Concerts


At 8 Morning devotion

Our Lady Church

At 9-16 Excursions
At 15-17 Check-in
At 16 Bell concert

Church of the Holy Spirit

At 18 Opening concert
At 20-22 Concerts


At 8 Morning devotion

Our Lady Church

At 9-11 Seminars
At 12 National concert FINLAND
At 14-16 Seminars
At 16 Bell concert

Church of the Holy Spirit

At 17 National concert ICELAND
At 18.30 Organ concert FINLAND
At 19.00 Organ concert ICELAND
At 20 Concerts


At 8 Morning devotion

Our Lady Church

At 9-11 Seminars
At 12 National concert NORWAY
At 14 Organ concert SWEDEN
At 14.30 Organ concert NORWAY
At 15 Concerts
At 16 Bell concert

Church of the Holy Spirit

At 17 National concert SWEDEN
At 20 Party concert

ARS NOVA Copenhagen

At 21 Social event


At 11 Festhøjmesse

 Our Lady Church


At 13 Bell concert

Church of the Holy Spirit


The organizers behind NKS2024 aim for a rich program of seminars, masterclasses, debates and lectures, with relevance for the church musician's versatile field of work and everyday life in a church workplace.

You can find the seminars divided by theme or time period. 



Work environment

The service

Organ playing

Choir management


Music & theology



Friday 9-11

Friday 14-16

Saturday 9-11


Read more about the churches and organs used during NKS2024

Church of Our Saviour

Our Savior's Church Our Savior's Church was built in a period when church building in Denmark was...

Our Lady Church

Church of Our Lady With its history and central location in Indre By, Church of Our Lady is a busy...

Trinity Church

Trinitatis Church Trinitatis Church is the work of Christian IV, although he himself did not get to see...

Garrison Church

The garrison church King Frederik IV was the builder, and the church was completed in 1706 as the army's church in...

Welcome to Copenhagen

It is a pleasure that NKS2024 is taking place in Denmark and I look forward to welcoming the Nordic church musicians and all those involved to the Diocese of Copenhagen. It is important that the church has and can continue to recruit professionally skilled church musicians and NKS2024 is an opportunity to strengthen the great church musical work that is carried out throughout the Nordics.

The music is crucial for the service and the broad field of work of organists and choir directors is an invaluable part of local congregational life. Music and song open our awareness to new dimensions. If the world is to become a better place, we need beauty to express both the divine and the human. May NKS2024 become a source of inspiration to support the work of individual church musicians and to the common benefit of the Nordic churches and Nordic cooperation.

Peter Skov-Jakobsen

Bishop of the Diocese of Copenhagen

Sign up

Registration for NKS2024 is now open.

Symposium fee

The symposium fee is 2500 Danish kroner.

Public transport

You can easily get around Copenhagen by metro, train or bus. Plan your route i Google Maps or use Journey Planner.

You can download the app to your advantage DOT – Your Public Transport. Here you can buy single tickets, and you also have the option to buy one City Pass Small, which can apply for 1-5 days. With it, you can travel unlimitedly from the airport and in inner Copenhagen, where the symposium will take place.


You have the opportunity to sign up for one of the many excursions that are offered on Thursday before the symposium's official opening at 18. It is also possible to select them for later in the registration portal. Please note, however, that there will be limited places.



You have the opportunity to register for 3 seminars and put together your personal symposium programme. This is included in the total symposium fee. Orient yourself here on the page and register for the seminars in the registration portal.

Hotel booking

In connection with the Nordic Church Music Symposium, it will be possible to book accommodation at selected hotels in central Copenhagen. Accommodation can be booked in connection with registration or added later. Accommodation can be booked from 18 to 22 September 2024. If other dates are desired, please contact our congress office at reg@meetingplanners.dk


Cancellation of overnight stays can be made until 18 August 2024 for a fee of DKK 350. After this date, refunds will only be made if the room is sold to another party. However, it will be possible to send a colleague if you are unable to participate. Payment is collected at the end of the registration. Payment can be made either via credit card, EAN invoicing or invoice.

Cancellation of an existing booking can be done by sending an e-mail to: reg@meetingplanners.dk